davidd (davidd) wrote,

new digital camera

i think my new digital camera (sony p5) arrived. on monday. today is thursday. you'd think i'd be, like, all excited and stuff. but i haven't even opened up the box yet. so i don't really know if it's really arrived or not. i'm just too tired to even care.

my vacation pictures look like crap. the pictures i took at my friend's canoe race look like crap. so is having a different camera going to make a difference?


gotta try to sleep now. work again tomorrow. and the day after.

i think i'll have sundae and mondae off. maybe i'll open the box that might have my digital camera in it. after i sleep in. like that'll make a difference. sometimes tired goes beyond needing extra sleep.

y'know what sounds like fun? i mean besides something involving tyra banks, kathy ireland, and little else.

okay, now i've totally lost my sequence of thought. but at least i'm not so depressed! maybe sleep will bring fun dreams tonight!q

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