davidd (davidd) wrote,

How Does The Internet Work?

My DSL connection is really slow this evening, and even drops out occasionally. I didn't think DSL was supposed to do that! Bottom line, at some point, whether you have phone modem, DSL, cable, or whatever, don't all the internet signals get shunted through the phone system? Don't they all have to get squeezed through the same portals at some point? No matter what connection you have, there's gotta be a limit to how much bandwidth the overall communications infrastructure can handle, right? Thus, eventually, it's ALL gonna slog to a halt like a big city traffic jam.

Sure, your car can go 100 mph, and so can every other car on the road. But with a million cars on the road, it's too crowded, and no car, no matter how powerful, can go faster than 5 mph. With the continuing increase in internet subscribers, and the even more dramatic increase in email, bandwidth-intensive websites, spam, spyware, auto-reply systems... and don't forget plain old voice telephones -- bearing in mind that even cell phone signals, at some point, get funneled into the wires....

.... isn't it all just going to grind to a halt one of these days, fairly soon?

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