davidd (davidd) wrote,

Adventure Cycling

Cycled up the hill again. 56 minutes to Peacock Flats, 1:16 to the rocket base. Halfway up it started raining. Just a little bit at first. By the time I reached the top it was pouring. Seeing as how it's, like, a rainforest, I suppose rain is to be expected.

It was interesting seeing the mist roll in. Clouds, actually, descending the mountain, wrapping the abandoned rocket pads in filmy shrouds. In sections the road became a stream during the descent, muddy water coursing down the mountainside. It's a pretty steep hill to begin with. Not being an adrenaline junky, I'm not overly fond of the long, fast coast -- more like a plummet -- down to begin with. Add in a slick surface with running water, and bicycle brakes that don't work particularly well when wet, and it was one swell time coming down!
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