davidd (davidd) wrote,

Biking to Peacock Flats

Bicycled up the Forest Service Road to Peacock Flats. 3.8 miles. Non stop. Took 58 minutes today. Then continued another 1.2 miles to the abandoned Nike Missile Base. Total elapsed time: one hour twenty-one minutes.

This trail climbs from near sea level to about 1800 feet -- leave the bike and climb another 100 feet or so along a footpath through the brush to a USGS marker with an elevation of 1927 feet, just so you can impress yourself with how far you climbed.

Hey, I've been sick, I'm not exactly "in shape," but I was thinking I didn't do too badly. I kind of set a goal to be able to make Peacock Flats in 45 minutes, and the Missile Base in an hour.

Then I read about this guy.

Frikken'... rides up it in 40 minutes? TWICE??? Then "goes for a run along the ridge?" Then goes surfing for the rest of the day?

Okay, then. Forty minutes. That's gonna be to Peacock Flats, though, not to the Missile Base. Fifty minutes to the missile base. I guess that's my new goal.

I'll keep you posted.

(By the way, the abandoned missile launching towers are really cool, in a creepy, decrepit sort of way. I'll have to take some photos.)

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