davidd (davidd) wrote,

One thing I did get

At least I caught the Monty Python reference in Jon Scieszka's Knights of the Kitchen Table. This series of books, however, is written for a third- through fifth-grade audience. Am I to assume, then, that contemporary fifth graders will catch such references?

An episode of "Duck Dodgers" on the Cartoon Network recently included an "homage" to Fleischer's "Popeye The Sailor" cartoons from the 1930's. Did anybody catch that? Did everybody catch that? To me it seemed rather obscure, but apparently it's just that I am rather obtuse, and therefore am greatly amused on those rare occasions when I do understand something. This would indicate that "anhedonia"* is not something with which I am afflicted. Is there a term, however, for an affliction in which, when one is pleased by something, said pleasure is almost immediately overwhelmed by a devastating frustration and unhappiness caused by an awareness of how much one must be missing out on through lack of understanding and knowledge?

* See earlier entry. Wait, never mind, you know what it means. I'm the stupid one.

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