davidd (davidd) wrote,


ANHEDONIA. Is this a word that everybody knows except me?

For that matter, am I just incredibly ignorant, or do authors of novels, even trashy "beach books," purposely fill their stories with obscure literature and music references that most normal people won't understand?

And do real people talk like the characters in these novels, making references to quotes from Cicero and Plato and "Mission: Impossible" and Queen Victoria... and Emmylou Harris? Well, pardon me, then, for not being a font of wisdom able to quote Keates, Kipling and Kelly (Walt) off the cuff.

In the same crappy novel, a character is leading her horse up the "bridal path." Is this a hint at bestiality, a reference to Equus, or am I in error thinking the author means "bridle path."

This is why I rarely read fiction novels anymore. I'm just too dumb to understand them.

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