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Got my PRAXIS results.

The good news: scored substantially above "average."

The bad news: it was, apparently, the wrong test.

At the time I signed up, online, #0030 Biology & General Science was the only Biology or General Science test offered for this state. So that's what I signed up for. When I showed up to take the test, along with two other people, both were taking it for the same reason -- certification -- and the one I specifically asked said she was starting to wonder if she was taking the correct test. This test number does not appear on any of the state certification requirement listings. Nor does it appear on the college entry requirements list. Yet, it was the College of Education advisor who said to take this test!

The bad news: this test might not count.

The better news: this test was WAY HARDER than the "required" test.

From this point out, I fear no PRAXIS! I had not even thought about a lot of the stuff on this test for several years, since I last had intro level required college classes in various science topics. My degree is in journalism, so it's not like I had to do any in-depth study in the sciences for my, uh, Bachelor of Science degree. My total study for this PRAXIS content area test consisted of about 30 minutes spent looking over the online sample questions.

What's starting to kinda bug me is... this is the test that SCIENCE FREAKING SPECIALISTS take right out of college to get a teaching certification. AND I SCORED WAY HIGHER THAN THE AVERAGE! For the record, my individual 'area' scores beat the average in 5 out of 8 categories. In the remaining 3 categories, my scores fell in the top half of 'average.' So, if I'm out-scoring the science specialists who, like, STUDIED this stuff for four years... no WONDER the USA is having a problem with math and science education!

I'm not saying I'm so smart; if I were so smart, I would have taken the right test! As it is, I think I'm going to have to take the other science test; while I'm at it, I think I'll take the math test, the English test, and I might just go ahead and take the teaching specialty tests! I still need to take the General PRAXIS test, too. I'm gonna look thru my state booklet, and take almost everything! It doesn't mean I'll be "certified" in every field... do you really think the state would work like that... it's not about what you know, it's about paying for the privelege of working for them... but I think that, in the "real world," if I can show the individual school administrators that I have decent scores in multiple specialty fields, I can significantly up my chances of getting a better offer.

That's down the road, though. As it is, I won't qualify in time for summer semester entry. In fact, I'm going to have to hustle to make it in time for fall. I need to register before March 14 for the April PRAXIS. I NEED to finish the correct science test and the general PRAXIS test. I dunno, there's, like, three or four of them you have to complete eventually. I just want to get them ALL done now! All the ones I need, and all the ones I might be able to use to my advantage.

Probably have to get a study guide of some sort for the educational one.

But, anyway, for any of you PRAXIS takers out there: in my experience so far, it is nothing to break a sweat over -- other than making sure you're taking the correct test!

(I am starting to pick up some stories suggesting that this error is NOT uncommon).

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