davidd (davidd) wrote,


That PRAXIS test in Biology and General Science was some piece of work. I was really scraping out the crevices between the cranial convolutions to dredge up some of those answers. I mean, it's been a while since I had to figure out the various possible outcomes of crossing a TT with a Tt. I did recall the difference between the xylem, cambium, and phloem in a tree. I kinda winged it on the chemistry stuff. And there was a lot of chemistry stuff. Chemistry and genetics. The rest of it was pretty basic: some stuff about clouds and weather, a little bit about geology, some biochemistry that used words and terms I'd never heard before.

It'll be four weeks before I find out my score. And you know what? Now, I'm not so sure I even took the RIGHT TEST! It was the only science test available when I signed up... yet, it's not the test currently listed as accepted by the state or by the college. They'd better accept it... this one's harder!

But, how hard could it be? It was multiple guess. If I don't pass, I shall be very annoyed.

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