davidd (davidd) wrote,

Digital Video Editing

I've been "testing" various permutations of digital video capture and output.

I have four programs on the PC, now that I got the FireWire card working, through which I can import video -- MovieMaker, a Roxio program, Nero, and Dazzle MovieStar. Unfortunately I don't have a "good" video program for the PC yet, like Premiere Pro.

I have two 'burning' programs, Nero and Roxio. I've been running a series of tests, comparing capturing video at different settings in the various programs, and outputting it from those programs through the burning programs. So far, I am not completely happy with any of the results. That "hype" about "lossless" digital image editing is a bunch of, well, of hype. There's some kind of compression going on at almost every step of the process. Each round of compression degrades the quality.

There's also the issue of processor power, and the ability of the hardware and software to deal with the large files effectively. 2.5 ghz, and it still looks pixellated. I know I need a memory upgrade, but still, I expect higher quality than what I'm getting. All kinds of artifact lines and smeary jittery bits.

I'll be running some similar tests on the Mac. I was going to load Premiere 6 this evening, which I've had sitting boxed on the bookshelf for two or three years. I finally opened it up, and started to load it, when, suddenly, the "Classic" window popped up. Premiere 6 is not compatible with OSX!

After a slow start with OSX, I now find I can barely stand to work with anything in OS 9. I cancelled the installation, and whacked the program up on eBay. So I'll be stuck with iMovie for now -- which is actually still probably better than any of the PC editing programs.

The iMac is a G3, only 450 mhz, so the rendering times are HUGE for mere seconds of video. And the crummy Toast Lite program that came with the TDK burner is absurd in it's complete lack of quality functionality. Why is it that the devices include all kinds of groovy PC software, fully functional, but they shortchange Mac users?

So I'll run my tests with the Mac tomorrow. Try to decide if I want to spring for Toast Titanium, which supposedly has higher quality burning settings than "Lite."

Then, the guy I'm helping edit a video project is PC based, using Moviemaker and Arcsoft ShowBiz -- both cheap and cheesy freeware -- so at least for this "paid" project I need to remain compatible with his set-up.

Options, options... if only cash were as plentiful as the options.

Does anybody have any suggestions for a higher quality PC based dvd authoring/burning software package? All it has to do is burn a clean video signal to disc. Is that so difficult? Apparently, yes.

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