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... a possible explanation for why my eBay items haven't been selling particularly well...

We all know that the current computer generated blockbuster "Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow" borrowed heavily from many classic films of years past, including "King Kong," which featured the groundbreaking stop-motion animation of Willis O'Brien, who later went on to become chief engineer of starbase Deep Space Nine. Er... no, maybe not. Am I getting my O'Briens mixed up? I think those Monty Python guys made a movie about him, though, "The Life of O'Brien." Didn't they?

Anyway, before what-you-talkin'-'bout-Willis O'Brien created the visual effects for "Kong" so that Kerry Conran could steal... er, borrow... *ahem*... pay tribute to them in "Sky Captain," he -- that's O'Brien, if you've lost track -- created an entire lost world for the 1925 silent film version of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel... "The Lost World.

Arthur Dent-Arthur-Dent Conan-The-Barbarian Doyle was the creator, with no assistance whatsoever from Robert E. Howard, of literary sleuth Sherlock Holmes. That is, Holmes was a sleuth -- aka detective, dick, gumshoe, private eye -- who appeared in literature, rather than one who investigated literature, and who does NOT appear in Doyle's "Lost World" novel, nor in the film version; nor, for that matter, in "The Coming Of The Fairies," another Doyle work, non-fiction, concerning a pair of English schoolgirls who photographed miniature fairies in their flower garden in the 1920's, and which, to the best of my knowledge, is one of the few period works not referenced by "Sky Captain."

"The Lost World" features an Amazonian plateau populated by fearsome, and reasonably impressive even by today's standards, prehistoric beasts. Expedition leader Professor Challenger and his associates barely escape the Lost World with their lives... yet they somehow manage to bring a live Brontosaurus with them back to civilization. You can probably guess the rest, but in case you can't, well, buy the disc and read the back cover blurb, 'cause they give the whole story away. I won't tell you what happens, other than to say that it does look pretty cool and has held up well over the past seventy or eighty years. The film stars Wallace Beery, who used to be a really big star; Bessie Love, who's pretty cute; and, no kidding, a guy named Bull Montana. Don't you wish you had a name like Bull Montana? Boy, I sure wish I did.

This is the GoodTimes DVD version of "The Lost World," black & white, silent with musical score, running about 63 minutes. The disc includes chapter stops, and is not region coded, so it's compatible with all DVD players.

This is a previously viewed copy, which means there's no shrink wrap on it, so you can get it for cheaper than if it did have shrink wrap on it. The disc comes in its original plastic case with the original cover graphics. I just used a scan of the disc itself for the picture 'cause it looked kinda neat.

Minimum starting bid is ONE DOLLAR ($1.00). Shipping is THREE DOLLARS ($3.00) via US Postal Service to U.S. addresses. (INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: $6.00). I prefer payment via PayPal. Money Orders or personal checks also accepted.

Please read the description and look at the pictures carefully. I have tried to describe all flaws of which I am aware. If you have further questions, please e-mail me before placing your bid. Full refund only if you feel I have misrepresented this item. Fair enough?

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact me at:


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