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Y'know, there were some REALLY GREAT things about this movie:

1. The entire opening sequence, of the zeppelin approaching the city amid a snow storm and tethering to the Empire State Building, is rich, believable, and beautiful.

2. The closing line is near-classic.

3. The rocketship from "When Worlds Collide" makes a spectacular appearance... and disappearance.

4. The Flying Aircraft Carrier... 'nuff said!

5. Yeah, okay... the "Devil Girl From Mars" chick.

6. I really liked the "Dex" character; he has a couple of pretty good lines, including "try shaking it," and "I meant, throw something."

However... you knew there was gonna be a "however," didn't you....

1. Flash Bulbs. Her camera woulda used Flash Bulbs.

2. It's not just that their clothes were "burned" and then they end up back in them. It's that they make a REALLY BIG DEAL about their clothes being burned. Polly even models her new furry parka in front of a Maxfield Parrish painting... er, I mean, in Shangri-La. They, like, DRONE ON AND ON about it: clothes burned, bags destroyed, you look like a yak... and suddenly, without explanation -- original clothes again.

3. That camera would NOT have had a built-in flash.

4. One Giant Flying Aircraft Carrier was COOOOL ! Two or three woulda been all right, maybe. But a whole FLEET of the things was too much, it diluted the impact. (Plus, the fleet shot looked kinda fakey).

5. Did I mention the issue I have regarding the whole camera / flash bulb thing? That REALLY bugged me! That, and too many "Star Wars" references. And the overly long, over-orchestrated, unbelievable airplane chase through the city. And, if the bad guys could build those gigantoid robots, why would they need to steal the... oh, whatever.

Replace Gwyneth and Jude with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable, do something about the clothes thing, and put a FLASH BULB REFLECTOR ATTACHMENT on the stupid camera and you'd have a great... okay, pretty good... film.

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