davidd (davidd) wrote,

The Job

I guess the substitute teaching gig is going okay. In addition, I'm teaching two nights a week and half days on Saturdays in the GED completion program. It's gradually helping me get my brain functioning again, I think. After almost seven years at the Post Office, it feels that what little mind power I may have had had become dormant.

In order to become a "real" teacher it's required to have a state certification from, of course, this state. I'm almost feeling mentally rejuvenated enough to look into this possibility. Seeing as how I'm spending this many hours in a classroom already, what's a few more?

Of course, there's the bit about paying for it rather than getting paid for it. I'm still working on getting the finances back in shape.

Speaking o' getting in shape, here's the immediate dilemma: shut off the computer and crank off a few sit-ups and push ups; or shut off the computer, dish up some ice cream, and see what's on TV?

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