davidd (davidd) wrote,

Boppin' Around at Random

So I've been kinda boppin' around using the "Find at Random" feature tonight, and despite my initial misgivings about some of the standard LJ templates, I gotta tell ya, the one I'm using now, at least, is READABLE!

Man, some of these people, using, like, 'teeny tiny' print, orange on red and stuff... what's the point? You can't even see it!

I guess there's something to be said for plain ol' black & white.

(But at least people are expressing themselves creatively, which is cool)

[[And most of the people expressing themselves creatively ARE cool, with a couple of kinda creepy exceptions -- and no, Lauren (if you come to visit), you are NOT the creepy exception (sorry to disappoint you!)((I'm kidding, you know that, right?? ;-) )) ]]

And that "beatnik" quiz over at natasha's journal is, like, solid, daddy-o!
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