davidd (davidd) wrote,

No work yesterday or today. Weather okay. Went for an hour run... jog... well, faster than a walk, anyway... yesterday, for the first time in ages. It was good, didn't kill me. Did it again today. Interesting errands yesterday, including new mats for the porch at Pier One Imports; boring errands today. Back to work tomorrow (seventh grade). Have jobs scheduled for Monday & Tuesday as well (fifth graders). Rain predicted for tomorrow and the weekend. Put a few more things on eBay. Bid on a few things too, which I should avoid. Put in a couple of Scottrade orders, see if they fill tomorrow. Need to write out some bills tomorrow. Changed the mailing address on a couple of magazines. Can do that online for a lot of publications now, which is cool. Trying, overall, to stay busy. Need to add "productivity" to the "busy-ness."

E. W. Howe is the most fascinating travel writer I've yet read. I highly recommend "DAILY NOTES FROM A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD" and "THE TRIP TO THE WEST INDIES."


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