davidd (davidd) wrote,

Not a particularly good day. The fifth graders at school were noisy and out of hand. The weather is overcast, windy, and spitting rain. It's even a little on the chilly side -- yes, it's below seventy degrees! I'm trying not to become too morose over money -- or the lack thereof. And, you know, stuff....

Took down more of the tree trunk after work. Trying to chop some roots out of the ground, otherwise it's pretty much done. There's a fair amount of yard work around here that could stand attention. I guess that's good. Keeps my mind occupied, sort of. If only it were less rainy and windy. Oh well, it's an excuse to stay inside and keep plugging away at eBay.

Things seem to be kinda slow on eBay right now. Could be because I'm posting mostly rubbish, I s'pose.

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