davidd (davidd) wrote,

Comic Book Shops

I had a day off from work today... which is a story in and of itself. Anyway, having no sense of what real priorities are, I used the opportunity to visit a number of comic book shops. These would be the shops that have IGNORED my recent e-mails. But we'll let that slide, for now.

Okay, so, I have a list with me of what I'm starting to collect, so I know what to look for. At the last shop of the day, I ask for one of the manga titles I haven't been able to find. The guy at the desk sez he thought he'd seen it, he'd have to ask, and he goes into the back of the shop. Then I hear the manager say, "oh, yeah, that's one of those KIDDIE PORN titles!" Then he comes walking out, looks kind of embarassed, and sez they must have sold 'em all off the rack.

I kept a straight face, but I was actually cracking up. "KIDDIE PORN!" I love it! A comic book shop manager with a major sarcastic attitude! That's the kind of shop I want to frequent!

(Not to mention, they do normally carry this particular "KIDDIE PORN" title)

Interestingly, this shop is one of the outlets who IGNORED my e-mails. But after I'd been poking around in there for half an hour or so, the guy at the counter -- a reasonably nice guy as opposed to the sarcastic manager -- asked if I wanted to set up a subscription box. So I had him explain how that worked. I didn't tell him I'd E-MAILED them for this same info last week. So I'll probably set up a subscription, since they did NOT HAVE Vampi #16 yet! My MAIN reason for wasting a day driving around to comic book shops.

(One of the shops had one copy left of Ish #2 of my fave "KIDDIE PORN" title). Found #1 and #2 of "Ragnarok," and the first "Chobits" graphic novel (which is probably considered another "KIDDIE PORN" title -- in fact, name a manga that is NOT a "KIDDIE PORN" title).

(I'm wondering how many times I can use the term "KIDDIE PORN" in a post before LiveJournal kicks me off. Hey, look, it's a JOKE, man! Don't blame me, blame the Comic Book guy!)

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