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More Freaking Out

A response to a response to the post I posted on that other forum - a toy and action figure collecting forum, if you're inclined to wonder. (Yeah, I know, there goes the last of any credibility I may have had!)

I tell you what, man; in American parlance, I am scared shitless.

Which is just as well, since there is STILL no toilet paper, despite the propaganda that supply chains have not been interrupted and manufacturers are working at full capacity.

I think maybe the "authorities" are trying to spread cholera, because coronavirus isn't sufficiently agonizing and deadly.

I read an article yesterday (in the mainstream press, not on some whack-job conspiracy web site) saying the British government plans to pay every unemployed worker 80% of their normal salary. The article said the British government has "unlimited money" with which to do this.

Unlimited money? Are they simply going to start printing paper play money? This will drive inflation like nothing has ever done before! Those Weimar Republic Germans will seem like the wealthy elite with their wheelbarrows full of cash compared to the effect "unlimited money" will have on prices.

At least the Brits are making an attempt to calm the fears of their people as they lead them to slaughter. Here in the states, the talk is all about bailouts for the airline industry and how you're "killing your grandmother" if you go to the beach.

Who the eff gives a rat's arse about the airline industry? I'd rather have toilet paper and potatoes, but there aren't any!

Oh, but we have been assured that the medical industry is being supplied with "hundreds of millions" of face masks. Why would the medical industry require "hundreds of millions" of face masks? That's more masks than there are people in the country. No wonder there's no toilet paper. All the paper is being used to make face masks.

The obsession by the government over face masks is the equivalent of the general public's obsession over toilet paper. The difference is, the government is getting their masks, but the public still is not getting any toilet paper.

I don't have a mortgage or a car payment, so it will be a while before they can seize my house, but as I am in a tourism-related industry, and I have been spending money to make money, as they say, my cash resources are limited. There's very little business in the winter. March and April are usually the months where we get back on our feet. So this is hitting us at the worst possible time, financially. We can get through a month, maybe two, before we will be unable to make our minimum credit card payments, which will immediately destroy our credit ratings (twenty or thirty years of on-time payments mean nothing if you miss just one), meaning higher interest rates or no credit at all. The banks, in their push toward a "cashless society," have made functioning without credit cards almost impossible in the modern world. Who writes cheques anymore? (Or checks, as we spell it here.) A few old ladies at the grocery market. Those old ladies will soon be dead, if the coronavirus doomsayers are correct.

Anyway, sorry, didn't mean to get amped up again. As I said, I'm allowing terror to overwhelm my thinking. I told myself I would try to remain calm until April 6, three weeks in to the "crisis," and a rather arbitrary date that was indicated as the "end" of the initial lockdowns and restrictions. No dates or timelines are being mentioned anymore. All restrictions are "indefinitely" or "until further notice" or "until the crisis has passed," and I am hearing and reading forecasts of months rather than weeks, usually 8 or twelve or 18 months, as compared to the two or three weeks that were initially suggested for "social distancing" and "temporary closures."

The paranoia that is overtaking me suspects that those cruise ship passengers they set loose in Sydney were done so intentionally, to create a sudden spike in infections in Oz so the government can impose more stringent restrictions.

Clever how they took all the guns away in Australia over the last several years, wasn't it?

I wish I'd purchased a gun and stockpiled ammo... and toilet paper... when I had the chance. I was thinking about getting one last year, for the damned rattlesnakes. At this point, rattlesnakes are the least of my worries.

I added a few more sentences to that previous post, for clarity rather than anything significant, by the way.

Keep Calm and... who am I kidding? IT'S FREAK-OUT TIME!
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