davidd (davidd) wrote,

LinkedIn? Huh? Nah!

I had a LinkedIn account for a while. I only opened it because self-published horror story author Drac von Stoller had added me as a LinkedIn contact. I suspect he added anyone who had ever sent him an email.

Other than an occasional "see updates from Drac von Stoller" notification and depressing "your profile appeared in '1' search this random time period" messages that showed up in my email inbox, I did not receive anything from LinkedIn; certainly nothing that furthered my "professional career." Of course, I put absolutely zero effort into maintaining any kind of updated LinkedIn profile. I don't really have an "online profile" of any significance; or at least, no online profiles on the standard online profile sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Anyway, I've grown weary of those depressing "your profile appeared in '1' search this random time period" messages, and have deleted my LinkedIn account.
Tags: linkedin

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