davidd (davidd) wrote,

Oh Yeah, This Place

I'm not sure what brought LiveJournal to mind, but I thought I'd check in.

Actually, I thought I'd check to see if "there's an app for that." Turns out I had an app already installed on my iPad that I'd completely forgotten about.

But I couldn't log in from the app. I kept getting an error message. I tried logging in through a browser. That worked, meaning I had not forgotten my password. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Oh, look! Everything is different now! And it works!

I must have had an outdated app. But rather than popping up a message suggesting an update, it simply refused to work.

LiveJournal looks different now. Apparently it IS different, and under new ownership (but still based in Russia).

I shall have to relearn my way around. And figure out how to put "cuts" in the posts to save viewers (yeah, right) from being subjected to over-long rambling.

Tags: rambling, who cares
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