davidd (davidd) wrote,

{Blank} Me to {Blank} for Being Such a Loser

Wife is cranky and resentful about the move. I wouldn't have made the offer on the Utah house so quickly, but she was all for it while we were there. I was ready to cancel the sale several times when the buyers kept asking for extensions, but she wanted to keep going.

But now wife tells me "it's because you hate your job so much." She's also annoyed that I haven't found a better paying job, or made any effort in that regard. And it's because I'm the one who "can't sleep all winter because you're so worried about the erosion."

Now she's snapping at me because I'm going in to work during my last week rather than using sick leave.

Yeah, well, {blank} me all to {blanking blank} for believing that a good employee and a conscientious teacher shows up for work. {Blank} me all to {blanking blank} for having earned two commendation awards while working at the post office, and a certificate from the {blanking blank-blanked} GOVERNOR for being a conscientious employee of the school. Just {blank} me all to {blanking blank} for being so {blanking} stupid.

So {blanking} hot and humid here. Never been like this, either this intense or for this long, since we've lived here. Co-worker tells me she doesn't remember it ever being like this in the 40+ years she's lived here.

Took the new iPad in to the Verizon mobile phone store to get a Verizon SIM chip. That way I will have internet access for email and stuff after we move. Forty bucks a month for 4gb data plan. Not happy about paying forty bucks a month, but it's a month-to-month plan, so I can cancel, or rather, not renew at any time. It'll do until we get real internet at the new place.

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