davidd (davidd) wrote,

More Terrorists on Twitter

"The Islamic State (IS) group says it was behind a suicide bombing on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia that killed at least 10 people.

The attack in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is the first to be claimed by the Saudi branch of IS, which was formally established last November.

The claim was posted on Twitter with an image of the bomber by an account that is a reliable source on the group."

Quote from a BBC news article today.

This is yet another example of why my opinion is that anyone who chooses to use and support Twitter is aiding and abetting international terrorists.

I can almost guarantee you that if I started a web site for the purpose of allowing murderers to gloat about their crimes, the site would be shut down and I would quickly find myself in jail. Yet Twitter is allowed to do exactly that – provide a "broadcasting service" to mass murderers. The major news media, in turn "report" what they find on the Twitter streams, so obviously the media outlets are "following" these people; or in other words, supporting their atrocities by supporting their presence on Twitter.

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