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Room of Doom -- Another Year Amid the Chaos

I used to write well, apparently. At least, this LiveJournal post, about the Room of Doom project and my ongoing struggle against hoarding and clutter, strikes me as being both entertaining and reasonably well composed. These days, however, I feel deserted by talent and skill. All that remains is the mess.

That 2008 LiveJournal post is the earliest I can find that includes the tag "clutter."

My decluttering photos on Flickr date back to summer 2006.

My earliest 43Things.com post about cleaning out The Room of Doom is from September 2005.

Eight years have passed. The mess, if anything, is worse than ever.

I am going to try again. 2014 will be a Year of War; war against clutter and chaos.

Photos after the cut:








Tags: clutter, decluttering, depression, failure, hoarding

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