davidd (davidd) wrote,

I'm Too Sexy for my...

This is fun. Well, I thought so, at least. Last week a German radio news site used one of my Monster High photos to illustrate a story about Monster High dolls outselling Barbie: LINK

This is maybe not so fun. The same photo has now appeared in a German news article about the premature s3xualization of children: LINK (Don't worry, it's a scholarly news article, nothing lascivious.)

Monster High dolls in particular are singled out in the article as being representative of this trend. Uhm... Hello Germany? Have you never heard of BRATZ?!?

On the bright side: it's kinda cool that somebody seems to think my MH photos are sexy enough to illustrate the concept of "sexy;" indeed, in this case, of "too sexy!"

Here's the über-hawt dolly pic, "'Genie Magic' Draculaura," in case you don't wanna click the link:

I dunno, I thought this photo was fairly tame, and actually kind of sweet....
Tags: doll, monster high, news, photography, sexy, toy

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