davidd (davidd) wrote,

My Adorable Co-Workers

Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to be surrounded by such remarkable co-workers?

Apparently the trial date has been set for one guy, busted for drugs, stolen credit cards, and forging checks.

Turns out another guy, whom I thought was on vacation, has been nailed for stealing. Taking stuff home from work that isn't exactly supposed to be, like, taken home.

If I mentioned where I actually work, well, some of you might be a little worried. Just keep in mind, it's a VERY SMALL percentage of the idiots I work with who are actually EVIL idiots, and they EVENTUALLY get caught. Most of the rest of 'em are just run-of-the-mill annoying imbecile-type idiots.

And there are a handful of us who are still picking up the slack from the slackers -- so you, the public, need not fear. At least, not until we few remaining "good guys" drop in our tracks from exhaustion.

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