davidd (davidd) wrote,

This Ain't Workin'

NOT seeing ANY results after 30 days of jogging-running is kind of a downer. I speak from recent experience, having run (5k to 10k) every day but three or four during January after the scale topped 200. I cut back my cola intake significantly as well, and eliminated chocolate for all but two days, and totally eliminated chips and other snacks. After a month, I'm just as fat, and I'm cranky as hell, and as of today I've taken three days off in a row. Right now I'm sitting here drinking a Coke while typing this because it won't make any difference. Obviously what I'm doing doesn't work. I know "you can't outrun your fork," as the dude on the Nerd Fitness web site often says, but I was expecting to drop maybe a few pounds, or get faster, or for the jogging to get easier, without cutting back to celery and water.

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