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For the Record....

One of my phonograph record photos appeared on a radio station web site.

Discover Hawaii Tours web site recently used one of my old Waikiki fireworks photos.

Considering how often my Spain photos turn up on real estate and travel web sites, shouldn't I be getting, like, frequent flyer miles or free hotel stays or something? Obviously I'm doing something wrong!

This travel blogger includes one of my lamer Spain photos in a blog post about, get this, 25 Sexy Photos of Spain You Can Use for Free!

Oh, swell. Another Spain photo, this time in a story about a chick traveling alone who gets accosted by creepy guys.

Another radio station web site uses a photo... of a rusted-out Geo Metro!
(That poor car is no longer there; nor are the trees. Bulldozers leveled the site a few months back. Now it's a bare patch of dirt... with a few rusty car parts sticking out of the ground.)

Two of my Monster High doll photos, ironically, considering the topic of the blog post, dressed in Bratz outfits, appear on the "Two-Fisted Toy Blog." I should have a cool-looking toy blog like that, maybe, huh?

If the increasingly frequent appearance of my Room of Doom™ photos on mental health web sites doesn't inspire me to clear out the clutter, I don't know what will!

Yet another radio station blog appearance: my photo is the one with the magnifying glass... or magni-frying glass!

Hey! That's a picture of me! On a parenting blog!

This Pinky Street photo use on a teaching blog is a bit odd.

Notebook photo on a blog post about writing.

Oh, look! My photographs are simply made for radio!

Toy airplane photo on the Atlanta Magazine web site.

I'm kind of missing the relevance to "dumb, slow, and expensive" here, but the picture looks cool!

I'm on a marathon training blog!

G.I. Joe and Jesus?

Since they used my photo, will they offer me a credit card?

This is kind of sweet: How to Raise Butterflies.

I would have been hard-pressed to guess which of my photos might best illustrate an article about copper telephone wiring in Australia.

What's this? Another appearance of the magni-frying glass photo, this time on a Canadian hippie chick's blog!

The broken camera lens photo makes another appearance.

Other than turtle photos, my Hawaii photos don't appear online as often as I would expect. Two are featured in this travel blog post.

How's this for obscure: a fiction-writing contest entry posted on a blog site from the Isle of Wight features my photo of an antique Gladstone bag.

Oh, cool! A big, colorful, article-heading photo on the Wired site!

Illustration for another writing contest... this time a prison writing contest!

Kitty picture for Friday the Thirteenth!

Whenever I talk about my trip to China a few years ago, I invariably mention the black Audi sedans that followed the tour everywhere. Apparently fully half of the Audi A6 sedans sold in the world are sold in China, according to this article in Business Insider, which uses one of my photos as an illustration!

Did you know I was a singer? Neither did I!

I snapped this photo of my shoes with my iPod while waiting for a prescription to be filled at Long's Drugs, never expecting it to be featured in the Beauty & Style section of the cafeMom web site! YES! I AM NOW A FASHION MODEL!!!

These social media marketing sites all look the same, maybe because so many of them use my photos!

My pictures apparently make a good fit for articles about real science that's weirder than science fiction. I must admit to feeling some pride in this!

If only I'd thought to include "take photos for a Polynesian tiki bar in Glasgow" on my bucket list, I'd be ticking another completed goal off my list!

Watch for my photos while you're shopping for auto insurance... in Australia.

A cow, a stegosaur, and a pufferfish walk into a bar... in Italy!

Insert your own Polish joke here.

I, as in, me, make an appearance on a Spanish blog. I'm too lazy to translate it, but it looks like another social media marketing site. Anyway, it seems that my photos of Spain get a fair amount of use, and my photos appear on web sites in Spain! I think it's time to go back!

Your thoughts are like magnets... big giant circular ceramic magnets salvaged out of old microwave ovens!

Here's that Gladstone bag again.

Have I linked to this page before? Does this mean I can include "National Geographic photographer" on my resume? I feel like a regular Robert Kincaid, except without the affair with a married French girl part. Hey, one step at a time!

Did I ever tell you about my time as a Bollywood filmmaker?

Did I ever tell you about my days as an ace reporter?


Trippy drinking beer has appeared on a few sites about Central America now (scroll to the bottom of the page).

That's more than enough for now, except, if you want to see something really funny, here's what you can do. Go to Google, type in the search term "puuikibeach" (all one word), then search for images and see what pops up at the top of the list. Here's a hint: it ain't me!
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