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More Facts Please

I just watched a television program about The Bermuda Triangle on The Discovery Channel. It was a typical Bermuda Triangle show, heavy on the "mystery" and light on the facts.

One of the major segments in the program concerned a young private aircraft pilot named Bruce Gernon who "survived" a mysterious encounter with a strange fog that supposedly interfered with his navigation equipment and resulted in a time-space anomaly. Gernon was accompanied on his mysterious flight by his father and a business partner named Chuck Lafeyette.

Maybe it's my college degree in journalism, or maybe it's my National Enquirer "I want to know" curiosity, but I found the television show annoying, and even more so, all the numerous web sites I visited afterward trying to answer my question, because they all fail to tell me one simple thing:

Did anyone ever ask Gernon's dad or their friend Chuck Lafeyette about that flight? Did Dad or Chuck notice anything unusual?

This seems like the MOST BASIC first step in an investigation of this story. Instead, they take the recollections of one guy and create elaborate pseudo-scientific theories to explain what he claims happened.

In the forty years since Bruce Gernon's mystery flight, didn't ANYONE think to interview his dad or his business partner?

Also -- Discovery Channel, you now officially SUCK -- the television program claimed it was Gernon's "fifteen years of flying experience" that allowed him to safely navigate the plane through the storm clouds. At the time of the flight, according to one of his own web sites, Gernon was in his early twenties and had 600 hours, not fifteen years, of flight experience.
Tags: annoying, basic research, bermuda triangle, bruce gernon, fail, need more facts

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