davidd (davidd) wrote,

Travels with Trippy: The Devil's Highway

Trippy makes an appearance in a legitimate news article about Old Highway 666.

I should add this to Trippy's Wiki, huh?

The same photo appears in a sidebar on this Mashpedia page.

Having nothing to do with Trippy, here's proof that Mashpedia is pathetic: their entry for film-maker F. W. Murnau includes three of my "Nosferatu... with a Bunny" photos in the sidebar links.

In mostly unrelated news, I found a parcel notice from the post office in the mailbox indicating I had a parcel from DBlume in CA.

Turned out to be an eBay purchase from a Delia Blume in Victorville.
Tags: creative commons, flickr, photo, travels with trippy, trippy, use

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