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Faculty Salaries?

I don't know: is this article about faculty salaries in Japan? Whatever it's about, they used one of my Flickr photos, of a Revoltech Professor Layton figure... in a bar!

Thailand photo on a UK travel web site.

The Room of Doom™ makes another appearance, this time on The Squeamish Bikini web site, which ya gotta love just for the name! Note: the photo has been "digitally enhanced" to include... a whale.

I think this beach photo is being used to promote a yoga class in Germany.

Wow! This is a particularly claustrophobic Room of Doom™ photo, in use at the SmartPlanet web site.

How to Plant a Modern Topiary employs a Thailand trip photo.

An article about eucalyptus trees from the same site uses one of my Australia photos, a Blue Mountains scenic overlook.

I'm not sure why this photo appears in 25 Extraordinary Examples of Toy Photography. It's not a very good shot. It's crooked, for one thing. It's actually a cropped version of a photo I took as an example of the effects of f-stop settings on depth-of-field in macro photography -- hence the ruler on which Chibi-Trippy is sitting. Maybe the site editors are fans of The Adventures of Trippy & Trupastilla.

This Monster High photo is getting some action on Pinterest. I've heard of Pinterest, but I don't really know what it's about. That is a very nice Monster High photo. If I hadn't snapped it myself, I'd be envious of the photographer's mad skillz!

My photos seem to find their way onto Tumblr from time to time; I'm always a bit surprised when Tumblr photos link back to the original source. This is another photo that almost looks too good to be one of mine, by the way.

I'm not sure what the Mashpedia site is all about. Is it an attempt to compete against Wikipedia? I've noticed my photostream usually has a few hits daily from Mashpedia. Several of my photos appear in the sidebar of an article on the A-2 flight jacket. Apparently Mashpedia simply scours Flickr for Creative Commons photos and posts them in the sidebar. The quality and pertinence of their selections varies widely. I would not have selected most of those photos from my photostream to illustrate the A-2 jacket.

The scary scale picture strikes again!

One more travel photo: another shot from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in a travel blog post about driving between Melbourne and Adelaide... which I once had the opportunity to do!
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