davidd (davidd) wrote,

Photo Use... Another Scale

A cropped version of a Scale-a-Week photo appears in an article on the New Balance running shoe site.

A Pinky Street photo appears on a video game review site.

A cat photo... yes, I have actually posted cat photos... appears on an Italian pet care blog.

This one is funny! Yet another scale, posted on the personal site of an English vicar who weighs 13 stone 4 pounds, which happens to be the weight indicated on the scale! How's that for niche appeal!

A Tomatina -- and yes, even I will admit that many of my La Tomatina photos are quite good, other than being of low megapixel size -- photo appears on a Lonely Planet travel blog.

How about a running shoe picture used to promote the amenities at an apartment complex?

Fun stuff! Imagine if I were making a nickel off every one of these photos!

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