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Travel site: Valencia (Spain)

European Tickets: How to Fly Cheap

Baking soda volcano

Terrified bad-ass! Ooh, hey! That's me in the picture! First time I've ever been called a "badass," to my recollection. Sadly, we all recollect the "fat-ass" photo.

I also had a travel photo I took on the Hawaiian island of Kauai used on a Grey Line Tours web site. The photo is kind of buried in the site and is very small, so I'll forgo a link. What I thought about after looking at the site is that tour sites like Grey Line were probably at one time one of the primary markets for independent photographers and stock photo galleries. I clicked through several photos on the Grey Line site, and all of them are attributed to Flickr users. The "free" Creative Commons photos available online must be putting a lot of small-scale professional photographers out of business. Stock photography companies must be feeling the pinch, too.

I have not researched the photography business in a long time. I wonder, is the field becoming limited to just a few high-profile superstar photographers, as far as making a living goes? I'm sure there's still a wedding and baby photography market out there, although I've known at least a couple of people who have tried to get event photography businesses going, and they've found that customers are extremely demanding and that the price competition is fierce. The photographers I know, while building their businesses, claim to lose money on almost every job. Then again, they may simply be trying to avoid encouraging potential competitors!

I'm thinking about perhaps starting a second Flickr page and posting images with a License This Photo Through Getty Images icon, just to see if there's any interest. The subject matter of the Creative Commons material that is used is so varied, however, that I'm not sure what might or might not sell.
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