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Impossible Thing

One of my Flickr photos tops an article at Joel Runyon's Blog of Impossible Things web site today:


I wonder if Flickr somehow ranks Creative Commons photos in searches according to previous uses from particularly photo streams? My photos seem to be getting fairly regular use these days. A German computer site has used a few images on their free screensaver page. A Room of Doom image showed up on a lifestyle blog last week that was linked to from Huffington Post. Also last week, the Freakonomics site used one of my images.

The Scale-a-Week photos appear in numerous blogs now. Room of Doom photos are picked up now and again. There's a coffee bean photo that seems to be extremely popular with food bloggers.

Since my photos are all Creative Commons licensed for free use, I'm not seeing any financial benefit from making these images available. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I and other Creative Commons photographers are negatively impacting the careers of professional photographers or stock photo agencies. By posting photos online and making them available for unlimited use at no cost, am I and others like me contributing to the economic recession?
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