davidd (davidd) wrote,

Romney the Gamlin' Mormon

Apparently dropping ten-thousand dollar bets is not a big deal for GOP presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney. Nor, apparently, are the precepts of his Mormon faith, which definitively discourage and oppose gambling.

Apparently Mr. Romney is rich enough to wager ten-grand a pop on a frivolous wager and sufficiently lackadaisical about his professed religious faith to publicly flout the tenets of his church on two counts... "Mormons do believe that they shouldn't participate or encourage others to gamble..." during a nationally televised appearance on network television. I hope the American public, or at least the percentage of the public who are considering voting in the Republican primary elections, considers these factors when voting.

I also hope the news media, who have strongly favored Romney from the beginning in this race, do not grant him leniency on this remark.
Tags: 2011, betting, campaign, cheat, election, fat cat, gambling, gop, liar, mormon, rich, romney, scumbag

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