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A Look Back at Running

I was looking back at my first "running" posts just now:

October 2006

July 2007

I recently purchased a new pair of running shoes, the Nike Lunarglide+ 3 model:

I was enticed by a magazine advertisement, which is how I was originally inspired to invest in my first pair of "good" running shoes five years ago.

I can't believe it's been five years since I tried to start running. I must admit, I have not been consistent in my effort, so I certainly have no results to show that would in any way suggest I have been running for five years.

I wonder, will the next five years pass as quickly?

I also wonder where I might be living and what I might be doing in five years. I ask because this is the sight that I encountered when venturing into the front yard today:

When we moved in there were four palm trees across the front of the property, all standing on firm ground. Within a couple of years one of the trees succumbed to a winter of heavy surf. About three years ago another year of heavy erosion scoured away several feet of the bank and caused the remaining trees to lean. Last night a combination of a high tide and rough surf brought down the tallest of the trees. I don't expect the two remaining trees, severely undercut and leaning heavily, to last much longer.

It difficult to visualize that there was once a hammock strung between these trees, with a grassy area between them.

The tallest tree, now being battered by the surf, was often featured in silhouette in my sunset photos.

In addition to the erosion issue, financial reality is beginning to hit hard. The cost of living in Hawaii is increasing rapidly and dramatically, while wages are in decline. It's possible that five years hence may see bigger changes than have the previous five years.
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