davidd (davidd) wrote,

Flickr Photo Used on Popular Blog Site Nerd Fitness

One of my Flickr photos appears on Steve Kamb's popular "Nerd Fitness" blog today. It's the hat photo near the end of the post.

A Flickr friend sent me this tongue-in-cheek (I hope) message just yesterday:

So...if I didn't know you and were to judge you entirely from your photos which have been used by other internetters - oh, and we'll throw in your most interesting internet achievement for fun - I'd conclude:

1. That you were a lazy slob,
2. who was SERIOUSLY slobby,
3. motivated by caffeine,
4. and beer,
5. to do research on Hitler,
6. and occasionally travel to exotic locations,
7. to take pictures of hot babes getting dirty.

Would you say that's accurate? :-P

How timely that 24 hours later I have something with which to refute the "lazy slob" allegations: a photo on a fitness site... and not as a "negative example." Granted, it's not a picture of me, but... we'll work up to that, maybe.

I should try to move that "hot babes getting dirty" thing closer to the top of the list.
Tags: flickr, nerd fitness, photo

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