davidd (davidd) wrote,

Pathetic Muchly?

I found myself perusing model railroad items online the last few days. This pretty much relegates me to the bottom tier of pathetic nerd-dom, doesn't it?

I've noted at least two instances in which Neil Gaiman made dismissive remarks about model railroad enthusiasts. One was in Anansi Boys. Off the cuff I don't recall in which novel I saw the other reference.

From what I read online, the hobby peaked in popularity (and availability of parts and supplies) about twenty years ago, and has been in a decline ever since. "Christmas Trains" in large scale are somewhat popular for holiday decorations, I guess, although this year, unlike in the past, I did not see any Christmas Train sets for sale while out on my holiday rounds.

Looking at model trains led me into online reading about early railroad history, which I found rather interesting. More interesting than the work-related stuff I might more productively have been doing, at any rate.

Also on the pathetic hobby front: I see that the prices of the Gloom Beach series of Monster High figures are gradually declining on eBay. The holiday buying frenzy seems to have subsided. The figures have yet to show up in local stores, or at regular retail online outlets (like ToysRUs or ShopMattel).

My Monster High photo series on the largely Pullip-centric Dollie Mixtures forum tied for the top score in a 9-week photo challenge. I should probably feel guilty, or worse, for stealing the glory from teenage dolly collecting girls, huh? Yes, some of the contestants were older, but a lot of 'em... will have a LOT more years to improve their skills and their luck! Thus, I will revel in my success while I can!

Work is not fun right now, hence my focus on distracting myself here.

Maybe I'll start posting here more often. Plurk is kind of limited.

Hey, FaceBook peeps: do you guys get spammed by Russians via FaceBook? I was reading about the Goldman-Sachs investment deal the other day (I'll save that rant for some other time) and learned that in addition to a Russian investment firm putting in $50-million, Russian entities already control a great deal of FaceBook. What's the deal with Russia taking over the social networking world? Seems kind of nefarious!

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