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Three Years Already?

Has it really been three years since I installed the bamboo ceiling in The Room of Doom? The date on this Flickr photo suggests that this is, indeed, the case.

Tiki Room of Doom

I shall have the house to myself for a little over a week beginning tomorrow evening. To illustrate just how horribly "uncool" I am, what pastime immediately comes to mind for this opportunity? Working on The Room of Doom!

Shouldn't I be looking for... other diversions?

Okay, here's the plan, let's see if I remain sufficiently motivated by this coming Friday (today is only Tuesday, after all) to follow through:

  1. Stock up on beer.

  2. Pull everything out of The Room of Doom.

  3. Cull mercilessly.
    • Things to discard (rubbish)
    • Items to donate
    • Things to sell (eBay)
    • Things to organize & keep

  4. Finish painting and covering trim areas.

  5. Have it all done and put away by early Sunday evening
  6. .

Overly ambitious, probably. Obviously I wouldn't have all the "to sell" stuff sold; the idea would be to have it organized so it's all together and easy to access and list for sale.

I can't believe it's been three years since I started my "serious effort" to clean out The Room of Doom.

Actually, I see, in looking through Flickr and 43Things, that it has been FIVE YEARS since I initially planned to convert The Room of Doom into an Enchanted Tiki Room.

Sometimes I wonder if I define my life through this Room of Doom? As I've looked through Flickr.com photos tonight of this project from the past four, nearly five, years, I see that despite occasional small signs of progress, the clutter always creeps (and sometimes surges) back. Today the room is as full as ever of stuff. Indeed, there is more stuff in there now than at many times over the past five years.

Shouldn't five years be long enough to clean out a room?

Not only do I have a hard time letting go of individual items, I seem to have a difficult time letting go of The Mess itself. As soon as I make progress - give something away, sell something, toss something out - I slide back, accumulating more than i discard.

Why do I keep buying things, usually on a whim? What EMPTINESS do I have inside me that compels me to fill up the space around me with things; in many cases, things I do not truly want or need?

Sometimes I buy things - Amazon, eBay, whatever - and when the box arrives a week or two later, I'm no longer interested. Sometimes boxes containing things I "desperately wanted" remain unopened for weeks, months, or occasionally, years.

I accumulate "things," and I accumulate debt buying things. It's a kind of self-destructive behavior.

I wish I had the confidence or know-how to engage in more entertaining forms of self-destructive behavior.

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