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Edison's Eve: What's the Deal With This Book?

Two of the three books I've most recently read have made mention of Edison's Eve: A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life, by Gaby Wood. I suppose, then, that I should read it, as it must be significantly relevant to my current reading interests. Sadly, the library system does not have this book.

I am hesitant to spend money to purchase yet another book to add to my mountains of possessions. Additionally, I find that I am much less likely to read a book that I purchase compared to one that I borrow from the library. I think the library books have more immediacy, in the form of a deadline. Books that I own will always be here.

Despite my misgivings, I tracked down and placed an order for the least expensive edition I could find, a used paperback copy for a sum total of $6.98, including shipping, from an Amazon.com affiliated seller. My plan is to quickly read the book upon its arrival (in about six weeks, probably, as it will be shipped media rate, which means it will head to Hawaii by land and sea rather than by air) and then donate it to the Friends of the Library book sale.

Seven dollars is less expensive than seeing a movie, and reading a book takes longer (for me, anyway; my reading speed has declined steadily over the past several years) than watching a movie, so from an "entertainment cost analysis" point of view, I suppose the expense is not inordinate.
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