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Photo A Month: 2009

Keeping up with a tradition started by zannah a few seasons back, once again it's time for the annual Photo-A-Month round-up: one Flickr photo from each month of 2009.

Yellowstone Buffalo
JANUARY: The highlight of 2009, both photographically and otherwise:
a NASA EXPLORER SCHOOLS sponsored trip to Yellowstone National Park.
See a video about the trip here

Moonset Over Waialua Bay
FEBRUARY: Moon-set over Waialua Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.

Travels With Trippy: Costa Rica
MARCH: Mt. Areñal Volcano in Costa Rica, from the Mt. Areñal Observatory Lodge.

Travels With Trippy: No, Trippy! No!
APRIL: Trippy the Traveling Lizard goes high-tech!

164/365 - Red Shoes, Dearies!
MAY: part of the 365 Days Project, in which I attempted to take one self-portrait
daily for an entire year.

195/365 - Summer List
JUNE: Note to self.

JULY: a brief spark of creative inspiration. It didn't last.

Read! Version 3
AUGUST: I had a tough time finding even marginally interesting photos
from August & September. Apparently they were pretty dull months.

306/365 - The 365 Toy Project: Pinky vs Gaigan!
SEPTEMBER: Series 9 Pinky:st figure #PK026 vs Bandai Gigan

316/365 - Silver Bridge - Grand Canyon
OCTOBER: I hiked across the Grand Canyon, north rim to south rim, in one day.

Robotics Team
NOVEMBER: some of the students from the elementary school robotics team.

Pinky Street Christmas Party 2009
DECEMBER: some day maybe I should feature real people in my holiday photos!


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