davidd (davidd) wrote,

Living In the Future

I'm Living In the Future! Seeing this sign today had me feeling, for a moment, as though I were truly living in the "future" that, as a small child, I once expected to see. I mean, "Lithium Ion Drill"?!? It sounds like something right out of Star Trek!

Scotty! We've got to cut through that hull!

But Captain! It's made of solid neutronium! Nothing short of an Ion Drill can cut through that! Even then, you're looking at months, not minutes!

If I may interject, Mister Scott: perhaps, with a lithium pulse amplifier....

Ayyye.... I've read about them in the journals. But a true Lithium Ion Drill has only been postulated, it's never been done!

But it CAN be done, right, Mister Scott? Spock?

Given enough time...

You've got eight minutes, Mister Scott. Mister Spock, assist Mister Scott with his Lithium Ion Drill. Mister Sulu, continue evasive action. Mister Checkov, status report.

Yup. Lithium Ion Drill. Future stuff, that.

Not something I would have ever expected to find at the local hardware store for twenty-percent off, though.

The "future" hasn't really lived up to my expectations. But then, I guess I haven't really helped things along any.

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