davidd (davidd) wrote,

  • 17:16 why is Lt. Governor of Hawaii following my tweets? Robo-spamming, most likely. Scumbag wants to cut my already low salary by 15% or more. #
  • 17:17 hey, @DukeAiona2010, now that you're listening: why not cut some of those PRIVATE CONTRACTS rather than TEACHER SALARIES & POSITIONS? #
  • 19:00 I chatted with co-workers about chatting with online friends about die-cuts, edging scissors, & punches. Good grief! #
  • 19:01 my co-workers are HUGE fans of die-cutters! Local mindset is oblivious to waste. #
  • 19:06 POSITIVE THINGS: little girl at school asked: "do you drive a gold dune buggy?" #
  • 19:07 POSITIVE THINGS: Pullip LaLa, limited edition, NRFB. Fans starting to regret not buying 'em. Now to time the market right. (I have... TWO!) #
  • 19:08 POSITIVE THINGS: parent of 4th-grader tells me this is the first year, EVER, that her kid has talked about school... and it's all positive! #
  • 19:09 POSITIVE THINGS: seriously cool New Thing via Amazon shipped on Monday! #
  • 19:10 POSITIVE THINGS: had my Indiana Jones: Kingdon of the Crystal Skull poster framed. It looks really, really, REALLY good! #
  • 19:10 POSITIVE THINGS: a B1 size "Oneechanbara: The Movie" theatrical release poster is on the way via eBay! #
  • 19:12 POSITIVE THINGS: @QQKachoo & I share the same birthday month! #
  • 19:19 POSITIVE THINGS: The Real Deal tarp hats. realdealbrazil.com/ #
  • 19:20 POSITIVE THINGS: Willis & Geiger gear. #
  • 19:22 POSITIVE THINGS: I can sit here and gripe and moan and decompress about negative things via the internet. #
  • 19:28 Oh, look! I picked up a scrapbooking supplier as a follower after ONE POST about scrapping supplies! I WON'T BE BUYING FROM YOU, PARASITE! #
  • 19:29 Back to POSITIVE THINGS: friends -- real, cyber, or combo -- with whom to commiserate! #
  • 19:30 POSITIVE THINGS: the vibes I'm psychically sending to @flygirl808. Hope you're okay! <3 #
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