davidd (davidd) wrote,

Fruity Sixties Clothes; or, Why I Need You Guys

Other Household Members in my world do not "get" these "literal video versions." Neither the videos nor the concept evince even the most minimal mote of mirth. Nuthin'. Indeed, rather than mirth, the response is more akin to mild annoyance. Okay, it wasn't even that mild.

That is pretty much the reaction I get to all of my interests.

Granted, Trippy made some inroads. Slight, perhaps, but there. Trippy, however, has more charm than do I. Even then, the "Trippy thing" took considerable 'splainin' on my part. Plus meeting Nari along with, essential element, her husband. Then DBlume and, essential element, his (practical and grounded*) wife.

My interests... are of no interest.

I am so fortunate to have stumbled into the greatest circle of cyberfriends I could possibly imagine, those years ago.

You guys keep me sane.

Now somebody tell me, how do people make these "literal versions." Are they using karaoke soundtracks for the music?

*(Not bringing up the CarmellDansen thing, not even going there.)

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