davidd (davidd) wrote,

You Know I'm Training To Be A Cage Fighter

Winners Train
Losers Complain

Saw this slogan on a t-shirt yesterday. I think I've seen it before. Maybe. Anyway, I think there's probably some truth here.

And I suspect, were I to run a spreadsheet breakdown, I'd see that I spend considerably more time complaining than I do training.

Gotta work on that. The complaining thing. And the spreadsheet thing - one of my goals for the next few weeks is to familiarize myself with online spreadsheets, either Excel or Numbers. Yeah, I know, spreadsheets were, like, the foundation apps of personal computing. I've been using various forms of PCs since the days of the TRS 80. The "chiclet key" version. But I've never learned to use a spreadsheet program. I wonder if there's a book, Spreadsheet Software for Procrastinators (and Complainers)?

I won't be starting the spreadsheet project tomorrow. I have decided to try to make Saturday a largely computer-free day. I will upload a daily photo to Flickr -- for which I might use my phone. Otherwise, I'm going to try to back off on the internet stuff.

I really enjoy my internet time, for the most part. But I'm wasting too much time online, clicking among Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, and a few other sites. There are other things I could be doing which would be more productive and beneficial... and perhaps as much fun, even. It is time for a bit of moderation. I'll try a one day break, and then work on finding a reasonable balance between "staying in touch" and losing myself for hours.

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