davidd (davidd) wrote,

The Real Me?

86/365 - Atomic Zeppelin

82/365 - Beach Bum Hat

Recent photos from my "365 Days" effort on Flickr. I'm approaching the three month mark in this project.

While putting together the "mad scientist" photo late last night, I came to a rather sad, albeit amusing, realization. The shot with the lasers, radiometers, and wind-up gadgets far more accurately expresses the day-to-day "real me" than does the "Abercrombie & Fitch" photo.

C'mon, in the real world, which version of "me" would have had a more interesting life?

Perhaps it's time to refresh my admittedly meager knowledge of Transactional Analysis. Since I can portray roles in pictures, is it unrealistic to think that perhaps I can rewrite my "life script," cast myself in a different "role," or revise the rules of the "game"?

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