davidd (davidd) wrote,

Yellowstone Video (featuring... Trippy!)

One of the teachers from the NASA Explorer Schools "Winter's Story" workshop completed a video montage of trip photos, set to music, with narration.

Autumn Nguyen wrote the script within a day or two of getting home from the workshop. Two of us, Rebecca Currier (from Vermont) and I, provided a few revisions. I recorded the narration, and Ms. N. put the whole thing together on a MacBook Pro using iMovie. She culled through a couple of thousand still photos and several hours of video footage to put the 13-minute project together. She finished it in about four days, working on it at night after school.

The file is pretty big, 375 mb.

You may download it here.

You may stream it here.

Trippy makes an appearance.

And yes, Trippy was involved in the sabotage of a sno-cat during the making of this film.
Tags: explorer school, nasa, winter's story

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