davidd (davidd) wrote,

12 Months of Flickr -- 2008

zannah posted this idea a few years ago. I've participated once or twice, but I've been remiss recently. For what it's worth, here is one photo of Trippy per month from my 2008 Flickr photostream:

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis
Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis, January 2008

Ankylosaur Week
Ankylosaur Week, February 2008

Travels With Trippy: Boston, Massachusetts
Travels With Trippy -- Boston, Massachusetts, March 2008

Travels With Trippy: Aloha From Hawaii... Again!
Travels With Trippy -- Hawaii, April 2008

Pinky:st - Mikuru Asahina
Pinky:st PC2015 Mikuru Asahina, May 2008

Two Daves @ Apple
Two guys named Dave, June 2008

Mentos & Diet Coke Volcano
Diet Coke & Mentos Volcano, July 2008

Waialua Sunset with New Moon
Waialua Bay Sunset, August 2008

Hoist Yer Colors!
Shiver Me Timbers! September 2008

Be Afraid
Travels With Trippy: Absentee Ballot, October 2008

North Shore Surfing: Puena Point
North Shore, November 2008

davidd, December 2008

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