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I received my accredited Masters Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix.

A coupla-three years ago, back when I was a substitute teacher, the principal at one school got SO OUTRAGEOUSLY ANGRY at me one day (over a pathetic, petty little incident -- some principals really need to get their priorities straight) that she threatened to have me fired as a substitute teacher for my lack of professionalism.

In other words, the kids liked my class.

Then, as I neared degree completion, the interviewer at my first "official interview" at the DOE, another principal (and a "young hot-shot') rejected my application, saying I was "not student-centric" in my approach. It took some doing (and a technicality) to even qualify for employment at that point, after paying HOW MUCH MONEY for the degree!

So, two weekends ago our pathetic little LEGO robotics team, from the school which has never accomplished anything... anything... academically, DOMINATED the 15 other schools in the qualifying FIRST LEGO League tournament.

In the audience were the two principals who disparaged my professionalism and my "student-centricity." MY robotics team -- yes, there are four coaches, but who is the coach ALL of the students wanted to join them on stage for the rounds? -- crushed the teams from their two schools. Schools "noted" for their "academics," for the "quality" of their programs, for the "experience" of their staff.

I doubt those principals even remembered me. But I remembered them. And I frikken loved it!

There are people here (like, everyone in the DOE who didn't attend U of Phoenix) who look down at U of Phoenix graduates. It's actually a bit harder to get hired as a U of Phoenix graduate. However, my program had several students who quit the state university program to enroll in the U of Phoenix program because it was "shorter," and found out that not only was it "shorter," but it was "better." It's "hands-on," rather than strictly academic. It's "real world," not "ivory tower."

And... we learn how to engage kids, and we learn how to teach.

We're just not always... "traditional." And if "traditional" worked, well, you've seen the numbers.

Oh, and: no GRE required to enroll in University of Phoenix.

BTW: meretricious IS to pretentious as ignoble is to tawdry. No matter what the GRE sampler might say.


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Dec. 3rd, 2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Karma :D
Dec. 3rd, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)
Victory is sweet.

And a good place to start improving from ^_^
Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:12 pm (UTC)
:) The ultimate revenge is success, as they say.

Alas! University of Phoenix does not offer a degree in marriage and family counseling . . . I'm more invested in M&F because it is a career that could be enhanced by a woman starting out in her 40's,(what do 25-year-olds know about marriage counseling?), (unlike educational counseling where I'd be competing with hip and happenin' young women and men.

However, I am eternally grateful that you referred me to the ultimate in fail-safe educational opportunities: online embalming programs. You have provided me with another career possibility(should I fail the GRE). In working with corpses I would be progressively guaranteed to work with my true age peers until I eventually joined them in death.
Dec. 4th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
Since I barely understood half of what was said (except for chunks of it,) I will approve of the awesomeness.

Dude, how come OUR school board doesn't have LEGO robotics tournaments?! I'm so mad. WE NEED ONE ZOMG.
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