davidd (davidd) wrote,

Why Bother Working -- Part II

In addition to the cumulative $45-billion, the government (meaning me) is "guaranteeing" $300-billion in questionable loans and debts.

Why is it that if I make a bad investment, or if I incur debt, nobody will bail me out?

Why is it that if the RICHEST PEOPLE ON EARTH make MISTAKES ON A SCALE TOO HUGE FOR THE HUMAN MIND TO GRASP, they are not held responsible? They don't have to pay the price.

Why is it that those most able to pay are REWARDED for gross negligence and incomprehensible greed?

Now I read that Obama is claiming his "plan," now estimated at costing $700-billion, will "save or create 2.5 million jobs." Tell ya what, Barry. JUST GIVE ME THE MONEY! We're looking at a cost of $280,000 per job. At my current job, it would take me seven years to earn $280,000. Actually, if you talk about take-home pay (after you deduct the part that goes to support the stock portfolios of the Saudi royal family), it will take me more like nine years to earn that @280k. So forget the job, just write me a check. Me, and 2.5 million other working class slobs.

If you add in the first $700-billion, that boosts the cost of "job creation/saving" to over half a million clams per job.

Do people really believe this shit?

YES! THEY DO! I hear people, and I hear of people, talking about it, believing that it's "necessary." These would be people who can't do the math. You get beyond a certain number of zeroes, and people zone out. The numbers are too vast to have meaning.

After the election results, I read and heard of so many people who "cried" tears of joy after Obama was elected.

I saved my tears until now.

Give me my half-million dollars, and I'll shut up.

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