davidd (davidd) wrote,

Why Bother Working?

The U.S. government gave twenty-five BILLION dollars to Citigroup to bolster the economy.

Citigroup, in turn, cut SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND JOBS.

Then, a Saudi royal upped his personal stake in Citigroup.

Today the U.S. government gave an additional twenty BILLION dollars to Citigroup.

Why should I continue going to work every day in order to support the stock portfolios of the Saudi royal family? Or the stock portfolios of anyone, for that matter? My job is on the line at the moment due to "projected budget shortfalls." Where's my bailout?

Oh, wait. I don't matter. I'm not a wealthy foreign investor. I'm just a schlub who tries to help special ed kids meet our glorious government's No Child Left Behind goals.

When Obama's additional seven-hundred billion dollar economic stimulus package kicks in, I hope the international business tycoons invite the people who voted for him to their next big bash in Dubai.

I'd ask you to send me a postcard, but I don't think the post office delivers to cardboard boxes under freeway overpasses.

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