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Made It Out Alive... This Time

After a cumulative 20 hours or so of effort this weekend, there's actual floor space visible in The Room of Doom! There's also, like, a piano in there! Who woulda known?

The actual stuff disposed of has been limited mostly to empty cardboard boxes. I primarily worked on "condensing" and "rough sorting" this time through.

There's still quite a bit of fussy detail decluttering to attend to before the room will be functional. I ran out of time and ended up basically piling things back in this evening. At least there's space... limited, but space nonetheless... in which to work on clearing the desktops and getting things off the chairs. In fact, it's finally possible to see that the desk does, indeed, have a top!

I think pastilla's estimate is accurate: the basic clean-up and sorting process for this room will be at least a 40-hour task. Actually typing up eBay listings and trying to sell some of this stuff, if I choose to follow through with my intended plan, will add considerably more time.

I wasn't able to start on my NaNoWriMo project this weekend, involved as I was in the decluttering project. But the mess has been weighing on me psychologically. I'm hoping that clearing some space and taking some steps toward organizing will have a stimulating effect on my creativity and ambition.

2 November 2008: There was a PIANO in there!

2 November 2008: There was a PIANO in there!

The "auto" white balance feature on my Canon EOS 20D doesn't seem to handle incandescent lighting particularly well, hence the excessive orange cast to the photos. Then again, this is not an entirely inaccurate rendition of how the room looks -- that is, it's dark as a cave in there! I have plans for additional lighting; nothing fancy, and indeed, nothing particularly effective, from a "gosh I can actually read without needing a flashlight" perspective, but I think it should end up looking pretty cool.

The existing light fixture includes a ceiling fan. You can't really see it in the photos due to motion blur. This shot was hand-held at 1/5 second. Pretty good, eh? And no, it's not an IS lens!

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